Video Platform

Multipop™ is a video platform that turns viewers into consumers and consumers into viewers. It combines e-commerce, social networking, and interactivity into a single viewing experience.

It has applications as an entertainment medium, in brand building and in rich media advertising.

It consists of a HTML5 player, an online authoring tool, in-depth analytics, and a media encoding and delivery service.

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Rewards API

The Galahad™ Rewards API  makes it easy to add gaming functionality to content and applications.

You can award points & badges, track incentives, and generate leader boards & activity feeds by adding a few simple calls to the client application.

It's a RESTful API, accessible from any programming language via HTTP.

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Umbrella Sword Experience

Umbrella Sword is a multi-platform transmedia experience that tells the story of genius software developer Martin Stitch and the search for his missing wife. Drawn into a mysterious world of secret societies, fringe technology, kidnapping and murder, Martin must follow the clues left for him by a shadowy figure known only as “Standish”.

This interactive thriller spans a vast network of secret websites, coded messages, and cryptic phone and text messages.It is a fully immersive, online conspiracy that allows audiences to become part of the story while helping Martin accomplish his deadly mission

The entire experience run on the Galahad™ Platform including the Rewards API and Multipop™ video player.